Klout Tells You How Powerful You Are On Twitter

Klout Tells You How Powerful You Are On Twitter

There is a strong component of personal ego on Twitter. We all love to have followers, and dream of being on the Suggested User List. But how powerful are you Twitter, right now?

And what direction are you moving in? Are you becoming more, or less relevant? Klout can tell you all that and more.

Klout gives you a single number score that aggregates your total Twitter, well, clout. This single number is built from four areas: reach, demand, engagement, and velocity. Klout spits out a graph of your score, so that you can keep an eye on yourself. Mine looks like this:


Klout scores are based from 1, to 100, with 100 being the best. You will of course note that my score is not that close to 100. Anyway.

Klout further breaks your account into the four categories, giving you very detailed information about exactly how your score was calculated.


But it gets even better. If you love Twitter, as I trust that you do, having read this far, there is even more delicious data, giving you up and down arrows for each of the four categories:


But the best part of Kout is not the graphs, or the numbers, or the data. No, the best part of Klout is the compliments. Klout has a great system of saying wonderful things to you. Click on a button about a topic, say, retweets, and message will appear: “alex gets retweeted all the time by really influential people.” I mean, c’mon!

Klout is a whole load of fun, and for the dedicated Twitter user it is nice to see how you are doing over time on Twitter.

Put your Klout score in the comments.

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