Google Steps Closer to Real Time Search with Translate Update

Google Steps Closer to Real Time Search with Translate Update

Google TranslateGoogle have just released a new feature for it’s Translate service – translate as you type.

In a move that must be closely linked with a similar upcoming feature for Google Wave as well as the enevitable shift to real time search.  The Mountain View outfit have raised the bar once again in the online translation market with this seamless and slick new functionality.

By entering a word, phrase or paragraph, the service translates and displays Google Translate Romanizationthe result word by word in smooth fashion, nothing more than you’d expect from Google.  With 51 languages available, they’ve also released a function with the ability to read and write any language by romanizing a translation.

Another feature, text to speech sees translations that are into English audible which rounds off an impressive update for the service which steamed ahead of competition with recent updates including a on site translation toolbar.

One of the features mentioned at Google Wave’s IO Developers conference back in May was the same word by word translation facility that they have released today and this is surely a sign that we’ll soon this feature there too.  Check out a video with all the new features below:


It’s becoming clearer that Google is edging towards real time search with this update, with the likes of Google Wave and Twitter creating content quicker and more often than ever, the necessity to provide relevant and up to date search results is becoming harder by the day with the current format.

Google introduced Search Options to help users organise results to suit their needs more though indexing the web on such a regular basis to create real time search is the hardest barrier to overcome.

Their evidently continuing to learn about ways in which real time features can be applied to their products and services and see it as the next logical step from a user experience point of view as well as deeper objectives with the aforementioned desire for real time search.

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