FBFriendfinder finds your Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr friends on Facebook

FBFriendfinder finds your Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr friends on Facebook

Picture 5Ever wanted to add everyone on Facebook that you follow on Twitter? Or perhaps Digg, BrightKite, Foursquare or LinkedIn? Well, now you can, almost.

Enter the newly launched application, aptly named FBFriendFinder that will let you log in to all your services (securely), and it will help you find the people on you follow on other services, on Facebook.

For me, it found some 150 or so people (out of the 190 that I follow on Twitter) on Facebook. But, it said, give us $2.35 before you can add them all. The app called it “beer money,” and said that I could use the app forever. Liking the low price, and the request for money to buy a drink, I complied.

The service integrates with PayPal for secure transactions.

Then things went a little odd. It said that it had added the first twenty people, and that I could get started with the next 20 if I clicked on a button. I had assumed that it would be 100% automated.

I clicked the “next 20” button, and was presented with a neat little sideshow of friends. I saw the first one, clicked add friend, and then moved to the next slide. This part of the application is snappily coded.


But this slide had the same name, and a different picture! Confused, I skipped ahead. The application, instead of finding the person that you actually follow on Facebook, presents you with all the people on Facebook with that name. Not good, I am not sure who I actually added in the first attempt.

It’s hard to find the right Hiten Shah, or whomever, when not everyone uses a profile picture that is of their face, if you know what that person looks like. Perhaps there is a way to improve this.

But, the application is cheap, does bring all your contacts quickly, and does search well. If you have the time to sift, it will make it easier to connect with those people on Facebook. And for a dollar or two, how can you lose?

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