Indicee Answers Business Intelligence Questions From The Cloud

Indicee Answers Business Intelligence Questions From The Cloud

indiceeEvery business wants to know what is going on at each moment. Knowledge, or business intelligence, to use the buzzword, is what everyone is looking for.

It needed to be sped up, and Indicee stepped up to take on the challenge.

Indicee brings you the fastest business reporting via the cloud, skipping over Excel to bring you information in a fraction of the time.

Everyone hates to stare at spreadsheets, especially executives. They are constantly being revised, tend to be out of date, and strain the eyes. Indicee allows you to bring data together to the cloud, and then ask it questions.

Put more simply Indicee is going to bring enterprise level data mining and reporting to the common small business. Forget having an intern sit there for two weeks to get one report out, Indicee will streamline all of that.

Indicee integrates with numerous applications that you are already using, such as Adagio, Microsoft Dynamics, or Sage to get you up and running in short order.

Indicee prepared a workflow diagram to explain the difference between what they do, compared to what you do now. Show this to your intern, they will be forced to change shorts afterwards.


Indicee is using the best of cloud based computing, to bring a SaaS solution to a long-standing business need. Indicee will accept your data, analyze it, crunch it, let you ask questions of it, and then graph the answers. If that does not make you excited, go read some Twitter news.

Indicee prepared a video to give an excellent overview of their service. I recommend watching it:


Indicee recently raised a $6 million dollar round of financing from Granite and Yaletown ventures.

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