CloudContacts Quietly Solving Business Cards

CloudContacts Quietly Solving Business Cards

cloudcontactsWe all have too many business cards. Too many of our own, and too many from other people.

CloudContacts solves the problems by scanning your cards, spitting out a perfect .csv file, and exporting the contacts to your email or favorite CRM application.

All that and it’s even cheap to boot.

CloudContacts lets you get your cards scanned in two ways, either mail the lot in, or take a photo of them. Their secret sauce, some form of brilliant card reader magic, can handle cards either way.

The service costs around $30 for 100 cards, with discounts for volume if you mail them in. If you opt to email in images, then you pay either $5 or $9 dollars monthly for 20 or 40 cards scanned.

For the harried conference goer, I am looking at you Ben, CloudContacts can be a veritable life saver.

The service is used by Robert Scoble, Adam Hirsch, and Nigel Eccles, giving it plenty of nerd cred, if you were skeptical that it could deliver on its promises. If you have a business card problem, CloudContacts is your new best friend.

Embedded below is an interview that Building43 conducted with Allen Stern, the founder of CloudContacts.

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