The Vogue of Apps

The Vogue of Apps

Picture 1Fashion magazines have begun to pay the same levels of attention to celebrities’ gadgets as to their clothes and accessories. On that note, if geek is the new black, then this site is the Vogue of apps. is a collection of iPhone home screens of some very popular and well respected geeks like Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block.

The creator of the site explains that the reason he chose to feature only the home screen is to highlight the apps that are loved enough to make it to the top 20 apps of your standard iPhone home screen. It’s interesting to see the top 20 apps of some of the coolest geeks and the way they choose to organize them but I wonder if the home screens get updated every now and then, ’cause God knows I rearrange mine pretty often.

Right now the site features 28 home screens of well known developers, designers and tech writers and a scoreboard with the overall top 5 apps. You can follow Firstand20 on Twitter

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