The iPhone App That Translates…As You Speak.

The iPhone App That Translates…As You Speak.

Picture 1Jibbigo is a new bilingual translation app for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets you translate Spanish to English and vice versa by simply speaking into the application.

Users record one sentence of English or Spanish at a time, which the app then translates into a synthesized counterpart. A vocabulary of 40,000 words is included, generally skewed towards travelers and doctors.

As Macworld put it, “It’s like having a live interpreter in your pocket.”

Unusual in the software is the requirement of an iPhone 3GS for full functionality. Two-way translation is supported, but only on the 3GS.

Older iPhones and the second-gen Touch are limited to unidirectional translation, and also said to operate more slowly.

The only apparent downside is the app costs $25, and requires iPhone 3.0 firmware.

Click the image below or here to watch two video demos.

Picture 2

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