Say Goodbye To YouTube Accounts [Update: No!]

Say Goodbye To YouTube Accounts [Update: No!]

[UPDATE] Google has responded, and the change will not effect people with standing Youtube accounts, that are not tied to their Google accounts. If that is the case, you will not be forced over. If you have tied your two accounts, you will be asked to switch. [We apologize for the confusion, and moved to rectify the post as quickly as we could.]

Bad news for the YouTuber’s of the world: your account is about to hit the deadpool. In a new move, Google is headed against separate YouTube accounts, and will be incorporating Google accounts into the website, exclusively.

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Can you hear the outcry now? If you watched the Facebook meltdown over a small change to the interface, imagine what is going to happen when millions of YouTube accounts get turned off at once. There will be rioting in the streets.

Past the user dilemma, this is a smart move by Google. By expanding a Google account to all their services, your Google ID becomes something of a one stop pass to the internet. What we need now however, is more effective multi-account management. Get on that Google, I have four Gmail accounts.

With Google profiles, it only makes sense that Google will want to pull in all your information from their empire. I have probably started using three Google services just by heading to my account screen, and noticing something wonderful.

The move will be painful, but ultimately is indicative of a tighter, more cohesive Google. And yes, we can all enjoy the fireworks on “change over” day.

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