‘Similar Images’ becomes a permanent feature of Google Image Search

‘Similar Images’ becomes a permanent feature of Google Image Search

google-similar-imagesGoogle launched its Similar Images feature back in April, as part of Google Labs, to demonstrate its commitment to image search and developing the technology behind it.

What does it do? Simply put, Similar Images lets you find images similar to one you’re possibly searching for. Looking for a particular table and found an image of what it looks like, Google will let you find similar looking tables across the web in a matter of seconds.

Today, Google announces that the feature now has a permanent home in its image search application.

To try it out, search for an image in Google Image Search, click “Find similar images” under one of the images and voila. That said, the feature is being rolled out gradually, so if you haven’t got it just yet geeks – don’t panic – it’s on it its way.

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