Apple’s hiring a music-loving Windows coder — hopefully to replace iTunes

Fix iTunes Syncing Errors

A newly posted job listing suggests Apple might be working on something for Windows users, perhaps a replacement for the iTunes software it’s otherwise left behind. At the very least, it’s definitely working on new apps for Windows 10.

The job listing, posted earlier this month, is for a Senior Software Engineer who will “build the next generation of media apps for Windows.” The desirable experience includes “Experience with UWP (Universal Windows Platform)” and “Cross platform experience with Mac and Windows.” This wouldn’t necessarily point to iTunes, except the description also says the job will be ideal “if you love music and you are passionate about writing code,” which feels like a bit of a clue.

Apple recently phased out iTunes on macOS Catalina, replacing it with apps for Apple Music, Apple TV, Books and Podcasts. It’s a much cleaner system for Mac users, without trying to cram everything into a single app. But Apple didn’t do the same for Windows users, who are stuck with the same old iTunes we’ve had for years now. It definitely seemed like the company was putting the priority on the flowers in its walled garden, rather than the app that’s been the primary interface for Windows users for the last eighteen years.

Again, this isn’t definitive proof the company’s aiming to eliminate iTunes for Windows users. But a girl can hope, because iTunes is still the confusing mess on Windows it’s always been. I definitely wouldn’t mind a better solution, even if it does mean keeping track of a few different apps. Even if the “love music” clue only means we get a Windows 10 version of Apple Music, I’d be alright with that. And given that the job calls for UWP experience, there’s always the chance we could be seeing something on Xbox.

In any case, if you think you’re what Apple is looking for, you can apply for the job here.

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