Apple unveils underwhelming MacBook Pro update

Apple unveils underwhelming MacBook Pro update

As we suspected, Apple has announced an update of its two priciest MacBook Pros: the 13-inch and 15-inch laptops with Touch Bars. This move is basically a spec bump with no major or groundbreaking developments, but there are a few nice touches sprinkled in.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is getting a 6-core, 8th generation Intel Core processor, while the 13-inch version now has a quad-core from the same manufacturer.

They now also include support for 32GB of system memory and a 4TB SSD. If you have the cash of course, as upgrading to that SSD will put an extra $3,200 on top of your order.

The MacBook Pros start at $1,799 for the 13-inch and $2,399 for the 15-inch. And, if you want the highest spec version of the 15-inch model available, it’ll wind up costing you $6,699.

There are some more interesting updates in there though. For example, the introduction of True Tone, which is meant to improve the user’s viewing experience.

Apple has also introduced “Hey Siri” to the MacBook Pro as part of the udate. This means you can now activate Siri with your powerful human voice, rather than using a pesky keyboard shortcut like some sort of chump.

Frustratingly for many, Apple has also not fixed the keyboard issues that have plagued this model. Instead of making it dust and dirt resistant, they’ve made the keyboard quieter. Joy and jubilation for everyone.

Anyone miss the days when Apple was interesting?

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