Apple’s iOS 11.1 update brings amazing emoji and is available now

Apple’s iOS 11.1 update brings amazing emoji and is available now

iOS 11.1, the latest iOS update, is out today for everyone to download. Front and center in its release notes is a plethora of new emoji. Included in those are a few new emoji that arrive just in time for Halloween, such as a vampire, mermaid, and fairy/pixie.

For me, emoji releases are characterized by the feeling that I never knew I wanted a particular emoji until it’s released and I have it. I didn’t know I was missing an orange heart, but I’ve got one. I’ve also got a Brachiosaurus, a swearing face, and a red scarf that I swear looks like one I’ve actually knitted in real life.

I can’t, for the life of me, pick out a full 70. But it’s got a few other good additions that I can find. My favorite is the ASL sign for I Love You, the pointer and pinky aloft with the thumb out.

iOS 11.1 includes a few other bug fixes and tweaks, but we all know the emoji are the real draw here.

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