Apple Support gave the dumbest reply to a Jony Ive parody account

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One of my favorite accounts to follow on Twitter is the notorious Jony Ive parody account, which spews hilarious tweets about everything Apple from the perspective of the company’s legendary chief design officer.

The reason I especially enjoy going through his feed is how adeptly he manages to infuse Apple puns with poignant criticism aimed at their traditions and products. In fact, some of his comments are so sharp that even Apple Support seems to take them seriously.

Earlier today the parody account punked the Big A for its inability to keep upcoming announcements from leaking to the public, suggesting the media has pretty much already lifted the lid on most of the new features and devices slated to be unveiled at today’s iPhone keynote.

“I’m working on designing tomorrow’s Keynote presentation.” the fake Jony Ive wrote. “Checking Tim Cook’s notes against 9to5Mac’s to make sure I don’t miss anything.”

Then he jokingly went on to ask Apple Support for help, claiming he was struggling to put together the slides for the forthcoming event because his forgotten Apple ID was preventing him from updating his Keynote app to the latest version.

But his call for help rang true to the Apple Support team, which promptly replied to his tweet with advice how he can reset his Apple ID to update Keynote.

Here’s the canned response the support team responded with:

As you can expect, the confused response quickly gathered the attention of the Twitterverse, with numerous users – including the Jony Ive parody account – flocking to take a crack at Apple Support:

Given that Apple Support receives piles of similar requests for help on Twitter each day, it’s understandable why it could be difficult to seed out the real from the fake ones. Still, this one was actually pretty funny. And here’s the kicker: Jony Ive is apparently particularly sensitive to parodies of himself.

Meanwhile, make sure to follow the Jony Ive parody account during today’s iPhone keynote – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned for all this and more from us in tandem with Apple’s event on September 12 at 10AM PT – follow our coverage here. We’re also hosting a live chat during the event, in which we’ll discuss the new products and updates: join us on this page.

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