Apple’s macOS High Sierra is now in public beta – here’s how to get it

Apple’s macOS High Sierra is now in public beta – here’s how to get it

Following up the iOS 11 public beta earlier this week, Apple’s newest version of macOS, High Sierra, is now available for anyone to try.

As a recap,  High Sierra adds a plethora of features, many of them subtle improvements under the hood. Some highlights:

  • Speed improvements for Safari (Apple say it’s now 80 percent faster than Chrome)
  • New editing tools for Photos, like a curves tool and individual color controls
  • Apple is switching over to the Apple File System, replacing the aging HFS+. That means faster file copying, easier encryption, crash protection, and more
  • Enthusiasts and gamers will love the official support for external graphics enclosures via Thunderbolt 3
  • Native support for H.265/HVEC codecs mean smaller video files and/or better quality
  • Metal 2 means better frame rates and improved VR support
  • iMessages can be stored on iCloud.

For more on High Sierra, check out our original post about the update here.

Nothing here is too exciting for everyday users though, so unless you’re an advanced user or really need any of those under-the-hood improvements, I’d suggest waiting until the wide release later this year.

If you’re daring enough to give it a try, you can sign up to be a tester over at

Apple Beta Program on Apple

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