Apple vintage sneakers are selling on eBay at the ‘humble’ price of $15,000

apple, shoes, vintage

Can you put a price tag on history? It seems so in this case. Private collectibles vendor Heritage Auctions is currently auctioning off a rare pair of vintage Apple sneakers that can be yours at the the humble price of just $15,000.

The legendary shoe, which sports the old-school rainbow Apple logo, was originally produced in the early 1990s and was reserved exclusively for company employees. Available in limited quantities, the sneakers have rarely been photographed throughout the years.

But thanks to Heritage Auctions, you can now face off thousands of fanatic Apple fan boys and girls in a heated bidding battle for a chance to own the unique pair of shoes.

The auction is slated to lift on eBay on June 11, with bidding set to open at $15,000 – though Heritage Auctions estimates the real value of the shoes is closer to $30,000.

Apple memorabilia is infamous for being grossly overpriced. To give you some more context, last year another private vendor auctioned off a collection of items previously worn by Steve Jobs, including a $22,000 leather jacket, a $3,000 pair of jeans and a $12,800 Seiko watch.

The year before, The Marin School in San Rafael, California sold a couple of authentic Steve Jobs business cards for a staggering $10,000.

So you better start pulling together your life savings now in case you want these sneakers…

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