Apple creates video series to help iPhone users take better pictures

Credit: Apple

For those of you who don’t know to take good photos with the iPhone’s camera — and I’m one — Apple has made some videos to help you improve.

In a series of tutorials posted on its site, Apple demonstrates how to take well-composed, beautiful pictures with the iPhone 7’s camera. the company has also posted some — but not all — on it’s YouTube channel.

Some of the tips are a little obvious, and good rules of thumb for any kind of photography — the video on close-ups advises you to “Get closer, up to 10cm away” — but for the most part they are based on the iPhone’s hardware. Apple explains why you should look for the yellow boxes, and how to make the best use of Portrait Mode.

The videos are also surprisingly comprehensive: some of the subjects include tips on shooting a backlit subject, a sunset silhouette, and portraits lit only by street light.

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