The Apple Store is becoming a classroom, with coding, photography and music lessons

The Apple Store is becoming a classroom, with coding, photography and music lessons

Earlier today, Apple announced a new educational initiative which will see its Apple Stores transformed into veritable classrooms, under the name “Today at Apple.”

The move will see Apple offer advanced classes on a variety of subjects, most centered around creativity, in all of its 495 retail outlets. In some markets, the company also intends to offer workshops lead by professional artists, photographers, and musicians.

Today at Apple is part of Cupertino’s vision for its retail stores that will see them transformed from merely a place where you can pick up a new iPhone, to what Apple’s SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts describes as “modern-day town squares.”

There are 60 different programs on offer, all focusing on what Apple is best known for – creativity. So, you can expect to see classes on things like art, design, music, programming, and photography.

Many of these classes take place outside of the retail environment. “Photo Walks” for example, see staff members lead groups outside, and teach them how to take better photos.

“Sketch walks” are similarly based outside of the store, but focus on more traditional (analog) artistic techniques.

Several classes are aimed at children, such as “Kids Hour”, which is held weekly and introduces kids and parents alike to Apple’s tech, like GarageBand and iMove, but in an age-appropriate manner.

Apple also intends to run classes aimed at educators (called Teacher Tuesdays – no prizes for guessing when this runs), entrepreneurs, and business owners.

The full lineup of classes, along with availability, will be announced next month. You can sign up either through the Apple Store app or website, with availability varying.

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