Leaked iPhone schematics hint rear Touch ID and vertical dual-cam setup

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Credit: Sonny Dickson

Apple has long been rumored to be prepping a substantial design overhaul for the next-generation iPhone that will significantly diverge from previous models – and recently leaked schematics seem to suggest this might very well be the case.

Serial Apple leaker Sonny Dickson is back with yet another scoop. The notorious hardware insider took to Twitter to share an intriguing image, showing what appears to be design schematics for the upcoming iPhone.

Here is the full image:

Right off the bat, the leaked sketch seems to confirm earlier reports and design renders suggesting Apple could be moving its Touch ID module to the back – as well as ditching the standard horizontal dual-cam setup in favor of one placed vertically.

The schematics also reveal the device will be approximately 15cm (or 5.9 inches) high and about 7.2cm wide (or 2.8 inches) wide.

Interestingly, the sketch appears to be mysteriously missing the rocker volume, but as Dickson himself speculates – they might simply be invisible from this angle.

As expected, Dickson has refrained from giving any details about the source of the leak, but you can clearly notice the blue stamp on the right side of the image has what appears to be Chinese characters – which is where the company has been known to assemble its handsets.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone during its signature hardware event in September, but shipping might be slightly delayed.

[H/T Sonny Dickson]

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