Apple’s Clips app for video is available now

Apple’s Clips app for video is available now

Apple is finally getting into the social video game with its new in-house app, Clips.

Clips is a video-editing app with filters, stickers, and overlays for Apple devices coming out today. You can film videos within the app, and edit the video and audio. It also auto-generates captions in the style of your choosing, which is perhaps its most unique feature.

If you think this looks a bit Snapchat-ish, don’t worry: We heard that broken record playing too. The similarities are mostly surface-level, though, such as the filters and emoji you can layer over your videos.

Still, it looks like Clips is a relatively simple video-only app not tied to any particular social media platform. If you want to make a quick video to send to your friends, you don’t have to do so via any existing social apps.

You can send Clips to friends via Messages, or share them to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You can get it for free from the App Store today.

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