Numerous iPhone 7 owners cry out that their Matte Black paint is chipping

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Credit: GangCS / Apple Support Forums

Apple might have another iPhone 5 paint-chipping situation on its hands as numerous iPhone 7 owners have complained their Matte Black paint has begun to shed at numerous places.

A litany of frustrated users have taken it to the Apple Support forums to cry out that their new iPhones have suffered chipping at various places despite using protective cases. While it appears the issue has affected only a small number of phones, complaints about worn-out paint continue to stack up.

Some concerned users claim they started noticing chipped edges after having used the Matte Black handset only for a few months, with 7 Plus models seemingly affected more often than the smaller sized iPhone 7.

Here are few of the complaints:

I am in the UK and got my phone (Matte Black 7 plus) on 1st Nov. I found first paint chip on the top left of the phone on 25th Nov… just had it less than a month.

Another user claims the paint began to fall off on the edges despite his continuous efforts to protect the phone:

I have been using iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black for about one month with fully covered by a TPU casing and full screen tempered glass most of the time. I just open the casing once a week to wipe the dust off from the phone… [but it] seems that the black anodised paint had been chipped off from the phone body.

Some of customers with chipped off paint remark Apple has so far been unresponsive to their complaints since “cosmetic damages” are currently not covered under warranty. Others merely say they’ve resorted to DIY fixes, using basic acrylic paint from local craft shops to cover up the chipped spots.

While wear and tear is certainly nothing out of the ordinary, the high number of complaints is somewhat concerning – especially when taking into account the Cupertino giant’s past woes with scratching and chipping.

It remains unclear how widespread the issue is, but we have contacted Apple for further comment and will update the piece accordingly once we hear back.

Growing number of matte black iPhone 7 users report chipped paint on edges & back of device on 9to5Mac

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