Apple now lets you report iCloud calendar spam

Apple now lets you report iCloud calendar spam

As spam filters become more adept at removing unwanted emails, spammers have had to resort to unusual tactics to get their message across.

One of these strategies targets users of Apple’s iCloud, and sees spammers bombard users with event invites, with the title of the event advertising an unwanted product.

This epidemic of junk invites has frustrated a lot of iCloud users, and in response, Apple has been forced to introduce a “report junk” option.

This option shows up under the “from” field in invites sent by people you don’t know. When you report an invite, it is automatically deleted from all synchronized calendars.

Annoyingly, this feature isn’t present in the iCloud calendar mobile application – only the web app. Although you can expect Apple to introduce it in a future software update.

Apple rolling out ‘Report Junk’ feature for iCloud Calendar invites from unknown senders to address spam on 9to5mac

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