Lenovo’s MacBook Air-trolling ad from 2008 is still relevant

Eight years ago, Steve Jobs stunned the world by pulling out Apple’s latest product – the MacBook Air – out of a manila envelope, making a point of how slim the laptop was. The company even released a TV ad based on Jobs’ on-stage presentation.

Lenovo parodied the commercial with one of its own, showing how the envelope would need to be a lot larger to fit the MacBook Air and all the dongles and accessories it ditched in order to slim down – or, how you could just opt for a ThinkPad X300 with all the trimmings built-in instead.

The company trolled Apple so expertly all those years ago that its ad is relevant even today, following the launch of the new MacBook Pro. Apple’s latest laptop has also ditched standard ports in favor of USB-C ports, which means – you guessed it – more dongles.

Well played, Lenovo of 2008.

Via Mashable

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