The best Reaction GIFs to come out of Apple’s keynote

The best Reaction GIFs to come out of Apple’s keynote

If there’s one thing Team GIPHY knows, it’s Reaction GIFs. We see them everyday, all the time. We even see potential Reaction GIFs in the middle of watching movies or TV shows — our brains are the ultimate GIF detection tools!

So, it’s no surprise that we saw some GREAT Reaction GIFs while watching today’s Apple keynote. Why not text some of these GIFs to your friends while you’re waiting to pre-order that new iPhone 7.

The GIF for when somebody texts you the juiciest office gossip:


The GIF for when you’re rallying the troops to go out on Friday night:


The GIF for when your friend makes the perfect choice for your lunch spot:


The GIF for when you’re running late for work:


The GIF for when you’re REALLY running late for work:


The GIF for when your friend texts you that he just found your missing AirPod earbud in his couch cushion:


As you can see — GIFs really are the ultimate way to communicate, especially on mobile devices. And pretty soon, you’ll be able to use these GIFs from the iPhone 7 launch to talk to your friends…on an iPhone 7.

It’s enough to make your… well, you know.

Want to see all the GIFs from today’s Apple keynote Event? We’ve got them for you right here on GIPHY!

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