This video may be our best look yet at the iPhone 7 design

This video may be our best look yet at the iPhone 7 design

As we wait impatiently for Apple to drop new iPhones on us, leaks abound. This new video may be our best look yet at a dummy iPhone 7, and it even has a side-by-side comparison to the phone you probably already have.

The video host says the dummy unit came straight from a supply chain partner, and the company behind the video (Besound) is in Shenzen. Foxconn is also in Shenzen, and is a major supplier to Apple.

Of course, it’s a dummy unit, and we’re still dubious on those. But if it’s indeed from a supply chain partner, there’s good reason to consider this our best look at the overall design of the iPhone 7. Keep in mind that as a dummy unit, it’s a bit banged up (we’re not sure what it’s made of, but our guess is painted plastic).

The iPhone 7 is as expected

As expected, it’s got a more pronounced camera bump and larger flash. There’s also  no audio jack; it’s been replaced by an additional speaker grill. the iPhone 7 dummy looks to be slightly shorter, too.

Around front, nothing was noted as being different, so hopes of a flat home button have been dashed. The dummy screen display doesn’t seem to show slimmer bezels, either.

Antenna lines now curve around the edge exclusively, so there’s no more streaking along the back of the device — but that doesn’t matter much, as you’ll be slipping it into a case anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.41.23 AM

There’s really not a lot that’s unexpected, but let’s keep in mind that we haven’t seen a working model. Apple may have totally reworked the camera on the iPhone 7, or made new speakers that sound incredible. Design is important, of course, but execution is paramount.

Until we see a working iPhone 7, this is still all grist for the rumor mill. At least this tidbit is in HD, and touch longer than the six-second video we’d previously seen. For that we’re thankful, but still awaiting a working iPhone 7.

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