Study proves we tip more when using Apple Pay and other NFC payments

Study proves we tip more when using Apple Pay and other NFC payments

A new study by Square found that people who used Apple Pay and other types of NFC payments were more likely to tip than those who used a physical credit card.

The findings come from a six week look at the Portland market and “thousands” of retailers using Square’s new card reader which accepts both EMV (chip) cards as well as NFC mobile payments. During that time, Square says 67 percent of people who swiped a card left a tip.


EMV cards made folks a bit more generous (71 percent), but the ease of NFC payments saw 73 percent of users leaving a tip.

Square chose Portland for its dense use of Square:

Even before #PayFasterPortland, the city was number one in the country for orders for our new contactless and chip reader. And now the rate of people in Portland paying on Square’s new reader with mobile wallets like Apple Pay is higher than the national average.

“Customers are shocked when they realize how fast mobile payments are. One tap and they’re on their way,” said Morgan Gary, Owner and Founder of Spin Laundry Lounge. “I definitely see mobile payments taking off. It’s inevitable our society will start to move away from cash.”


Apple Pay, NFC and — coffee?

And yes, there are plenty of coffee shops in Portland using Square. When using NFC payments, people get lattes most often, followed by espresso and plain-old coffee.


Though it’s only one market, Square’s study is a good look at how NFC payment systems can benefit a business. While there’s no follow-up data about why we tipped more when using NFC to pay for things, less fatigue with the checkout process is likely one metric.

Square’s NFC card reader launched earlier this year, and is widely available at retail locations like the Apple Store or Best Buy as well as online direct from Square.

NFC Mobile Payments Increase Tips on Square

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