Report: Apple Music will be completely overhauled at WWDC 2016

Report: Apple Music will be completely overhauled at WWDC 2016

Apple Music is headed for a refresh. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is overhauling the app’s interface, and will introduce the changes at WWDC in June.

The change is reportedly prompted by lukewarm reactions to the initial app, which has some hurdles on both the UX and UI side. Some users report that Apple Music went so far as to delete their entire owned music library, while others simply prefer Spotify or Play Music.

Citing insiders, Bloomberg reports Apple is set to simplify the app’s interface to make it more intuitive. The company may also be weaving iTunes downloads into Apple Music, and expanding Beats1 radio.


A culture clash between Beats employees brought over in Apple’s acquisition of the company is cited as reason Apple didn’t do better with Apple Music the first time around, with cultural differences between the two organizations leading to several key departures.

It’s an important time for Apple to get streaming right, too. As we learned from its recent Q2 earnings call, the company now makes more from services like Apple Music than it does from selling Mac hardware.

And a refresh is necessary and timely. While serviceable, Apple Music is nowhere near the top-shelf product it could be considering Apple’s reach into the music industry and streaming agreements.

Apple Music Spotify GPM

The tricky part may be adding services. If Bloomberg is right, Apple will add components to Apple Music — while making it easier to use. Thinning the amount of on-screen buttons and components we interact with seems like the right thing to do, here; adding to the mix would only convolute Apple Music’s issues, at least conceptually.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Apple’s new plans for Apple Music at WWDC 2016, especially since it’s broadening the API’s reach to developers.

Update: According to 9to5Mac, the new-look Apple Music will ditch themed backgrounds for black and white, utilize 3D Touch for sharing and have bolder text. It’s expected to launch in beta this Summer.

Apple to Revamp Streaming Music Service After Mixed Reviews, Departures on Bloomberg

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