Apple Pay may be coming to the Web soon (even the desktop)

Apple Pay may be coming to the Web soon (even the desktop)

Apple Pay may be coming to Websites before the year is out, according to a new report from Re/Code.

Sources claim Apple is already discussing Apple Pay for the Web with potential partners, and that it could be limited to the Safari browser on newer iPhones with Touch ID hardware. Apple is said to be preparing it for release by the holiday shopping season.

Currently, the technology is limited to native iOS apps.

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Interestingly enough, sources claim there have also been discussions about making Apple Pay available for the desktop, but there was no mention of how that might work. It’s possible Apple would release an API that used its Handoff feature for continuing a checkout process on a mobile device, but just as plausible Apple will work Touch ID into new MacBooks.

There could be reason for bringing Apple Pay to the desktop, too. Reports indicate that while most browsing is done via mobile devices, the majority of transactions happen on computers.

If its payment processing technology is set to hit the Web, expect Apple to discuss it at WWDC in a few months.

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