The iPhone SE rumored to be a Trojan Horse with 6s specs in a 5s frame

The iPhone SE rumored to be a Trojan Horse with 6s specs in a 5s frame

According to sources who spoke with 9to5Mac, the incoming iPhone SE will not be a smaller iPhone 6 — at least aesthetically.

It seems there will be some holdovers from both the iPhone 5s and 6 in the SE, though. The overall dimensions are said to be the same as the iPhone 5s, but the curved edges won’t be shiny.

The cover glass may be rounded at the edges, but it seems the curvature is so slight it’s indistinguishable. Other components of the SE’s hardware — like the headphone jack, power button and volume buttons — will be just as you find them on the iPhone 5s.

The rear will even have glass on the top and bottom, according to the report.

Apple iPhone
Credit: Apple

Inside, the SE will be a mini monster. The A9 SoC and M9 coprocessor will accompany an NFC chip (for Apple Pay), and Apple has updated the cellular and Wi-Fi hardware. The 12 megapixel camera found on the iPhone 6s is also on board, and can shoot 4K video.

The device will also come in 16GB or 64GB variants, and can be had in the same colors as the iPhone 6 lineup: rose gold, silver and space grey.

Happily, the device will reportedly start at $450. It’s said to replace the iPhone 5s in Apple’s lineup, too.

Good news for small phone fans — of which there are plenty — but we hope Apple’s got a few tricks up SE’s sleeve.

iPhone SE design ‘identical’ to 5s with matte edges, will include 12 MP camera & 4K video [9to5Mac]

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