Apple is giving non-employees commit access to Swift on GitHub

Apple is giving non-employees commit access to Swift on GitHub

Apple is giving developers a bit more control of Swift, and you don’t even need to work in Cupertino.

Writing that its new Continuous Integration is now “established and proven,” Apple intends to give some of its more ardent contributors commit access on GitHub.

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If you’d like to have commit access, all you have to do is email the code owners list with five accepted non-trivial pull requests that have been accepted without modifications.

It’s an interesting move by Apple. Letting a few top performers commit without review will undoubtedly lead to better features, especially if someone wants to tackle a larger project the community is eager to have.

Heading into WWDC, Apple may preview Swift 3.0 (the full release isn’t scheduled until the Fall), so perhaps those involved with Swift at Apple are going to focus on the future of the language rather than maintenance. Commit access seems like the first step in that process, but Apple’s fairly pragmatic about change, so don’t expect them to go into autopilot with Swift any time soon.

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