Apple adds support for Live Photos in Messages on your Mac

Apple adds support for Live Photos in Messages on your Mac

Apple has added support for sending and receiving Live Photos in Messages with the OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 beta, which was released this week.

If you receive a Live Photo in Messages on your Mac, you’ll see an icon in the top right hand corner to indicate it’s not a still image.

Opening the image in Quick Look will allow you to play it like a video with a play button appearing n the bottom left corner. If you open it in Photos for Mac, it will appear like a GIF, the same as on the latest iPhones.

Prior to this, if you sent or received a Live Photo on your Mac, it was turned into a still and lost its audio.

Support for Live Photos on the Web is rolling out slowly; Facebook and Tumblr both enabled sharing in recent weeks.

If you’re keen to try out the new feature on your desktop, you’ll need to install the latest OS X beta — but be warned that it may not be as stable as an official release. OS X 10.11.4 will be rolling out officially later this year.

➤ OS X 10.11.4 beta adds support for viewing and sharing Live Photos in Messages [9to5Mac]

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