This is what it’s like to browse the Web on Apple TV

One thing missing from Apple TV is a web browser. It’s not clear if Apple will ever bring Safari to Apple TV officially, but one developer has.

Forking an existing GitHub project, user jvanakker built a native tvOS browser for Apple TV. It’s simplistic, and you won’t find it in the App Store — but it’s out there!

As you can see in the video above, using it is a bit of a chore. You scroll with the Apple TV remote trackpad, and click to bring up the cursor.

There’s no instance of text input, but that’s because the browser is based on the UIWebView subclass. It’s little more than a web viewer, really.

Keep in mind Apple also prohibits instances of UIWebView for Apple TV, so this won’t be officially available for download.

tvOS Web Browser sample project [GitHub via MacRumors]

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