Apple Music, iTunes Movies and iBooks are now available in China

Apple Music

Apple has announced that it’s making its music, movie and ebook services available to users in China today.

The company says it’s launching its new content services with a wide range of international and Chinese releases from local publishers, record labels and film studios.

Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue said, “One of the top requests has been more great content and we’re thrilled to bring music, movies and books to China, curated by a local team of experts.”

Users in China will get to trial Apple Music for three months for free, after which they’ll need to pony up 10 RMB (roughly $1.60) per month to subscribe. The family plan, which allows six members to use the service, costs 15 RMB ($2.60) per month.

HD Movies on iTunes will cost 5 RMB (80c) to rent and 18 RMB ($2.85) to buy. Books start at as little as 0.5 RMB (1c).

Apple will also offer special features like behind-the-scenes footage as part of its iTunes Extras program. It will also make the Chinese hit film ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain‘ available for free for a limited time.

China is already the largest market for Apple’s App Store and the second largest for its hardware products.

Apple Brings Apple Music, iTunes Movies & iBooks to Customers in China Starting Today [Apple Press Info]

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