Tim Cook says Apple has ‘no intention’ to merge iOS and OS X

Tim Cook says Apple has ‘no intention’ to merge iOS and OS X

While OS X El Capitan might be just what iOS needed, there won’t be a merger of the two. That possibility was shot down by Tim Cook at the Boxworks conference in San Francisco.

Cook was asked if the two would become one by Box CEO Aaron Levie. “”We don’t believe in having one operating system for PC and mobile. These operating systems do different things,” said Cook. “We have no intention to blend them.”

Apple’s latest desktop operating system works better with iOS than any iteration before it. In many ways, it’s nearly impossible to tell where OS X ends and iOS begins — and vice versa.

But there are still things mobile isn’t ready for, like debugging thousands of lines of code or editing feature films. Even if the tools remain similar (or the same) across platforms, there still needs to be two.

Apple has ‘no intention’ to merge iOS and Mac OS X, says Tim Cook [Mashable]

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