Apple Watch update may feature ‘Find my Watch’ and third-party widgets

Apple Watch update may feature ‘Find my Watch’ and third-party widgets

By the time Apple Watch supply catches up with demand, the wearable may be a whole lot better.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, a software update for Apple Watch will bring third-party “complications” — widgets that roll in features like a count for unread Twitter mentions — straight to your watch face.

We may also get a “Find my Watch” feature, which acts much like Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. In addition, Apple is reportedly using a feature known internally as “Smart Leashing”, which may tap you on the wrist if you’ve left your phone behind, as well as establish a last-known location for your watch.

These are desirable features for Apple Watch, which is still in its earliest days. A “Find my Watch” service would help ease minds after recent reports Apple Watch has lax security; it would also be nice to find your Apple Watch before someone else does.

Better third-party app integration would also be helpful, as “complications” are currently limited. If you prefer Yahoo Weather over Apple’s Weather app for instance, you’re out of luck.

There’s no known rollout date for these features, but WWDC this year is a great time for Apple to announce more developer-friendly features for Apple Watch.

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