Apple buys UK startup Semetric to power up its media analytics

Apple buys UK startup Semetric to power up its media analytics

Apple has acquired Semetric, the London-based startup behind music analytics service Musicmetric. The news was first reported by Music Ally and independently confirmed by The Next Web.

Semetric hasn’t commented on the deal but Apple confirmed it to Music Ally in a boilerplate statement. No information on the terms or acquisition price has been revealed so far. However, TNW has learned the deal is likely worth less than the reported $100 million Spotify paid for Echo Nest.

Musicmetric was launched in 2008 and offers a dashboard for music industry clients to track social and sales analytics as well as streaming data.

We’re hearing that, similar to Apple hiring the team from UK mapping startup Pin Drop, buying Semetric is about bringing niche specialisms in-house – in this case, media analytics. Most Semetric staff will continue to work from London.

While Musicmetric seems an obvious fit with iTunes and Beats Music, Semetric has also been working on analysing data for games, TV, movies and books so will enhance Apple’s understanding of data around all the digital products it sells.

Apple made the purchase earlier this month. It was revealed by changes to Semetric’s documents filed at Companies House. The company’s registered address switched to Apple Europe’s home base and it added a new director, Gene Levoff, Apple’s vice president of corporate law.

Musicmetric (via Music Ally)

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