Apple requests retrial to squeeze more money out of Samsung

Apple requests retrial to squeeze more money out of Samsung

Just when you thought that the Apple v Samsung case was finally over, Apple has requested a retrial to attempt to increase the damages the Korean-based company has to pay as well as attempting to get Samsung sales halted in the US.

Earlier this month, a court ruled that Samsung was to pay Apple $119.6 Million dollars in damages for infringing on its patents after a long court battle that saw both companies blame each other for infringing on their respective patents.

It appears Apple isn’t happy with this result — it originally set out to get 2.2 Billion dollars — so is pursuing even more, asking for up to $3.2 Billion as well as $6.4 Million in interest. The company also wants $11,040 of interest from Samsung for every day that passes until the judgement is ruled in its favor.

Apple says in its request for a retrial that Samsung’s “internal development documents reflected its deliberate strategy of copying hundreds of software features from theiPhone, including Apple’s patented “slide to unlock” technology, in order to make Samsung’s own products more competitive.”

You can read all the juicy details on just what Apple wants here, but it seems likely Apple hasn’t seen its last day in court with Samsung yet.

 FOSS Patents (via Engadget)

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