Federal jury rules Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents, but awards just $119.6 million in damages

Federal jury rules Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents, but awards just $119.6 million in damages ...

After three days of deliberations, a federal jury has found that Samsung infringed on some of the Apple patents brought against it, reports re/code.

Apple was seeking $2.2 billion in damages from the suit. It was awarded $119.6 million. The jury determined that all accused Samsung phones had infringed on the U.S. Patent 5,946,647 “quick links.” They also ruled that U.S. Patent 8,046,721 “slide-to-unlock” was infringed by some Samsung products. The patents pertaining to universal search (U.S. Patent 6,847,959) and background synchronization (U.S. Patent 7,761,414) were determined not to be infringed upon.

U.S. Patent 8,074,172 “word suggestions” was ruled earlier by Judge Lucy Koh to be an infringement against Apple. The jury was tasked with determining damages.

Meanwhile, the jury also determined that Apple infringed Samsung’s U.S. Patent 6,226,449 “camera and folder organization” and awarded the Korean company $158,400. It had asked for damages of about $6.2 million. Apple was found to not have infringed on a second patent, 5,579,239 “video transmission functionality.”

The four-week trial is the second time the two smartphone powerhouses have squared off in court over patent violations. Samsung was found to have infringed on six Apple patents in 2012. Apple was awarded $930 million.

In a bizarre twist, the jury determined that Samsung infringed on a patent but awarded zero dollars for the infringement. The Judge Koh gave the jurors 30 minutes to clarify the issue this evening or return on Monday. The jury choose to return on Monday.

Update: A Samsung spokesperson declined to comment to TNW, noting that “it is inappropriate to comment while the jury is still deliberating.”

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