Samsung: HTC may have settled with Apple, but we don’t intend to at all

Samsung: HTC may have settled with Apple, but we don’t intend to at all

Korean electronics giant Samsung has ruled out treading a similar path to HTC in regards to patent peace with Apple, with the company’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun reiterating to local media that the company has no intention of negotiating with its smartphone rival.

Yonhap News reports that Shin, who also noted that he expected Samsung’s smartphone sales to continue its record third-quarter growth into the fourth quarter, all but confirmed that the company will continue its legal battle with Apple, rather than settling the matter out of court.

“It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don’t intend to (negotiate) at all,” Shin told reporters.

The comments come after Apple announced that it had settled its patent dispute with Taiwanese mobile maker, with both sides signing a ten-year-long worldwide licensing agreement that covers current and future patents.

Meanwhile, Samsung has successfully defended claims that it copied Apple’s smartphone and tablet products in trials in recent months, ensuring that in the UK, Apple had to post a statement on its UK website and in national newspapers to reiterate that fact. Apple was blasted for its initial statement, later having to amend the wording and place wording on its front page.

While HTC isn’t enjoying its current financial position, Samsung posted another record quarter, with $7.4 billion (8.12 trillion won) profit in the Q3 2012 – a whopping 91 percent year-on-year increase.

HTC may have needed to settle lawsuits to ensure it remains competitive, but Samsung is on a roll. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel it needs to settle any time soon.

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