Apple posts iPad mini commercial demoing a warming Heart and Soul piano duet with the iPad

Apple posts iPad mini commercial demoing a warming Heart and Soul piano duet with the iPad

Apple has posted its first television spot for the iPad mini, which features the smaller device alongside its larger cousin. While the ad has no voiceover, it gets its point across just fine: the iPad mini can do what the iPad can, and with a smaller package to the boot.

Apple has started running the new television ad, which it showed off during its media event last week, on the day the iPad mini, or at least the Wi-Fi editions, start shipping to consumers. The ad is simple titled “Piano” and features GarageBand running on the full-size iPad as well as the iPad mini.

The ad starts off with the iPad first, which is accompanied by a right hand playing the 1938 song “Heart and Soul.” Six seconds later, the iPad mini slides onto the scene, with another right hand playing the second part of the duet.

Apple’s choice in music is spot on. The original song is often simplified and taught to beginner piano students as an easy two-hand duet.

It’s a decent ad, although we prefer the banned iPad mini commercial, to be completely honest with you. If there’s one thing that’s missing from Apple’s ads, it’s a bit of comic relief. Hell, it would even be great to see Apple hit back at Amazon for attacking the iPad mini.

Apple announced the 7.9″ iPad mini on October 23, sporting an A5 chip, a 1024×768 display, and a claimed 10-hour battery life. The 16GB flavor starts off at $329, followed by the 32GB version for $429, and the 64GB edition at $529. The LTE versions are priced as follows: 16GB for $459, 32GB for $559, and 64GB for $659. While the lineup is arguable expensive, the device is expected to sell just fine.

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