US iPhone owners are more loyal to Apple than those in the UK, survey says

US iPhone owners are more loyal to Apple than those in the UK, survey says

82 percent of iPhone owners in the US plan to buy another iPhone as their next handset, compared to 68 percent of owners in the UK, a new survey from Mojiva has found.

Mojiva polled nearly 2,000 respondents from the US and the UK in early September ahead of the iPhone 5 announcement. Interestingly, a higher percentage of UK residents were found to have owned the original iPhone (16 percent) than those in the US (9 percent).

Plans for Future Purchase

Even without having heard the official announcement for the iPhone 5, respondents said they were planing to buy the device. 70 percent of American iPhone owners said they would purchase it, while 69 percent from the UK were planning to buy. 89 percent of both groups said that they would buy the phone if the reviews were positive. Those higher numbers will likely go into effect, since the first reviews of the iPhone 5 arrived earlier this week and have been overwhelmingly positive, though the new Maps app and the Lightning dock connector drew criticism.

As is to be expected, a high percentage of consumers that own both the iPhone and the iPad expressed intent to buy the iPhone 5 – 81 percent in the US and 78 percent in the UK. Among dual-device owners, 35 percent from the US and 45 percent from the UK planned on buying the iPhone 5 right away.

According to the survey, the iPhone 4 is currently the most popular iPhone model, being found among 44 percent of iPhone owners in the US and 35 percent in the UK. The iPhone 4S was next with 38 percent and 32 percent for the US and UK, respectively.

Apple has already begun setting sales records with the iPhone 5 after pre-orders of the device topped 2 million in just 24 hours. The device goes on sale in nine countries, including the US and the UK, on Friday as Apple pursues its fastest international iPhone rollout to date.

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