Office for Mac 2011 gets Retina display support at last

Office for Mac 2011 gets Retina display support at last

The Microsoft Office team has announced that Office for Mac Retina support is now here in version 14.2.4. This means that Office 2011 will now look sharp and lovely on your Retina Macbook Pro.

The update is available today and you can get it by checking Microsoft Update or simply wait until AutoUpdate alerts you.

Office for Mac 2011 (version 14.2.4) now supports Retina display for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft says that text is crisp and ‘all key areas’ of the interface are supported. If you’re impatient, you can grab the update package via a download link here.

Office for Mac 2011 will get SkyDrive and Office 365 on the launch of Office 2013, but it won’t be getting a full version of the next Office for some time. Back in July, Microsoft had this to say about Office for Mac’s future:

When the new Office launches, we’ll deliver an update to Office for Mac 2011. With this update, Office for Mac licenses can count as part of your Office 365 Home Premium subscription. You will also be able to use SkyDrive and/or Office 365 to save and access all your documents from your Mac. Note that we’ve not announced any branding for future versions of Office for Mac.

Here’s the full changelog for the 14.2.4 release:

  • Office 2011 for Mac now supports retina rendering on Mac computers that are equipped with a retina display.

Improvements for Outlook for Mac 2011

  • This update adds the ability for reminders of calendar events to be displayed for all calendars in Outlook. Previously, reminders were only displayed for calendar events in the default account’s calendar. Reminders are now displayed for other calendars, and this includes local On My Computer calendars. This update adds the ability to select a default text encoding for composing new messages. The encoding that is selected in composing preferences will be applied to all new messages that are sent from Mac Outlook. To access composing preferences, select Outlook, select Preferences, and then select Composing. The new preference is Preferred encoding for new messages.
  • This update changes the HTML syntax of new signatures to be compatible with Mountain Lion and the latest version of WebKit. Email signatures in HTML-formatted email messages may not be displayed in the intended color when the messages are viewed in Mountain Lion or in previous OS versions that were upgraded to the latest version of WebKit. Existing signatures that exhibit this problem must be deleted and recreated to resolve the problem.
  • This update improves Mac Outlook’s handling of partially downloaded messages. It is now possible to delete or move partially downloaded Exchange messages within the same account.
  • This update fixes an issue in which Mac Outlook would crash when it moved certain messages to On My Computer folders by using client-side rules.
  • This update fixes an issue in which the last entry from search results in the Select User dialog box was chosen even when another entry was selected. Distribution lists that are selected from search results in the Select Userdialog box are chosen correctly. This issue was related to searching and selecting distribution lists only.
  • This update resolves an issue that prevented Mac Outlook from downloading mail, calendar, or contact items that contained certain nonprintable characters.
  • This update fixes an issue in Mac Outlook with delegated access to email. In certain cases, the email address of the primary user would be added incorrectly to the “Me” contact of the delegate.
  • This update resolves the issue in which, in some cases, searching in Mac Outlook by using a date filter returned the wrong results.
  • This update fixes an issue in Mac Outlook that affected certain messages that were originally imported from PST files. If such messages were copied into an Exchange account, certain messages would not be readable on Outlook Web Access or other Exchange mail clients.

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