Survey: 33% in US want an iPhone 5; 56% of BlackBerry users, 32% of Android owners ready to switch

Survey: 33% in US want an iPhone 5; 56% of BlackBerry users, 32% of Android owners ready to switch

We’ve already seen how people react when they’re told an iPhone 4S is an iPhone 5, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that many really do want Apple’s latest product. One third of Americans want a brand new Apple iPhone 5, 56 percent of BlackBerry users are looking to ditch their smartphones and 32 percent of Android users are also looking to switch.

58 percent said they were impressed by the new look, but extended battery life was the favorite element, followed by the enhanced processing power and speed. The biggest disappointment from the launch was a tie: lack of wireless charging (24 percent) and not having micro-USB capability (also 24 percent).

This fresh new data (remember, the iPhone 5 was just announced on Wednesday), comes from market research firm Toluna QuickSurveys, which managed to get the data within 24 hours of Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiling the company’s latest and greatest phone. The first large scale consumer reaction to the launch surveyed 2,000 Americans and found consumers overall reacted positively to the announcement, and half of them said they were “extremely satisfied” with the features unveiled.

Some of the findings weren’t too surprising: current iPhone users were more likely to say they want the newest device (76 percent say they would definitely upgrade) and more than half of BlackBerry users confirmed they would give up their current device. There was an interesting tidbit in there though: while 32 percent of Android users said they would buy an iPhone 5, 33 percent said they definitely would not buy it.

While it’s pretty much accepted that BlackBerry users have to deal with an outdated operating system, I think the Android numbers are so contrasting for two reasons: so many users are on old versions when they really should be enjoying Jelly Bean or at least Ice Cream Sandwich, and many manufacturers install terrible custom interfaces that not only get in the way, but they also slow the device down.

At the end of the day though, it looks like the iPhone 5 release will keep the status quo: Android is dominating, iOS is doing very well in second place, and BlackBerry is losing share like there’s no tomorrow.

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