Apple’s iPhone 5 sells out, now showing 2 week shipping times

Apple’s iPhone 5 sells out, now showing 2 week shipping times

Just an hour after the iPhone 5 became available for preorder in seven launch countries, demand has proved so strong that Apple’s website is already showing two week shipping notices for the new smartphone around the world:

If you preordered today, Apple intends to deliver the iPhone 5 to your doorstep in one week. However, if you are just about to purchase the smartphone, you will need to wait on an additional week in order to get your hands on your new iPhone 5.

The company’s online store originally showed a ‘Delivers on 21/9 in most areas’ notice, that has been replaced by an “available to ship: 2 weeks” in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

The US is traditionally Apple’s strongest market, meaning it is often the first country where Apple is forced to warn its customers of a potential shipping delay. US operator Sprint saw its website crash under the traffic, suggesting that the iPhone 5 may be on course to usurp the iPhone 4S as the company’s most popular smartphone launch.

If you still want to get your hands on an iPhone 5 for September 21, you can order the smartphone via your operator’s website or queue up at your local Apple Store on the day.

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