Want that new Lightning to 30-pin adapter? That’ll cost you at least $29

Want that new Lightning to 30-pin adapter? That’ll cost you at least $29

With the unveiling of the iPhone 5 and new iPod models, Apple overhauled its old 30-pin dock connector and launched the new ‘Lightning’ adaptor, a new reversible, all-digital design that is more durable than its predecessor.

To use your old gadgets with the old adaptor, you’ll need to get a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter — which will set you back at least $29.

Many will see this as another Apple tax, a way of getting money out of its existing customers for owning an older iOS device accessory. In reality, there are all sorts of electronics in the new dock and connector that translate the signals you need to charge and transfer data, converting and distributing pin assignments as it’s going form 30 pins to 9 pins. That’s why it’s pricey.

The new Lightning to 30-pin adapter will come in two variations, the standard model and the 0.2m model, which will cost you $29 and $39 respectively.

The connector will be compatible with all of Apple’s new devices, including the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation and the iPod nano 7th generation.

It’s the price you pay if you want to get some mileage out of your older cables and accessories. Is it worth it? That’s up to you.

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