Verizon sells 5.9 million smartphones, 2.7 million iPhones in Q2

Verizon sells 5.9 million smartphones, 2.7 million iPhones in Q2

Early today, Verizon posted its second quarter financial report, hitting revenues of $15.2 billion and adding 880,000 new subscribers to its services. Just now, during its investor call, the company broke down device sales, highlighting 5.9 million smartphone sales, 2.7 million them iPhones.

Sales of the iPhone are down 16 percent from the first quarter, where it saw 3.2 million units sold. The company managed to sell 25% of those Apple smartphones to new customers, as smartphones accounted for 73% of its postpaid phone sales in the last three months.

Verizon sold 2.9 million Android devices and a total of 3.2 million 4G LTE devices in its second quarter (up from 2.1 million in Q1), as the iPhone remained the operator’s top-selling smartphone.

A dip is expected; it’s been eight months since Apple introduced the iPhone 4S (Verizon counted 4.2 million iPhone sales in Q4 2011) and with the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX and Samsung Galaxy S III reaching the carrier, consumers may have been tempted by Verizon’s Android offerings or are simply waiting for the next iPhone to be announced.

Smart devices are also increasingly penetrating the market and Verizon now has almost as smartphone owners than feature phone users on its networks.

AT&T will soon publish its smartphone sales figures, giving us a better overview of Apple’s US iPhone sales, before it publishes its own on July 24.

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