Apple confirms new iPad to launch in China on July 20

Apple confirms new iPad to launch in China on July 20

With the iPad trademark fight behind it in China, Apple has finally announced that its latest iPad will go on sale in the country on July 20, 2012.

The company has said that it will open reservations a day early, allowing Chinese customers to place their orders between 9am and 12pm, in an attempt to limit the number of devices claimed by scalpers and ensure that supply can meet demand.

Chinese prices have not been shared, but the Retina-enabled iPad will mirror US pricing, starting at $499 for a Wi-Fi only model and $629 for 3G-enabled models. The iPad 2 will also receive a price cut, retailing at $399.

Apple had already cleared most of the regulatory steps and red tape that was required to launch it latest tablet device, which launched in the US in March, receiving clearance for the Wi-Fi model in the same month. Its LTE-compatible sibling (which will run on 3G at best in China) received approval for sale in May.

The Proview court case was seen by many as the final stumbling block that was keeping the iPad from launching. However, Apple moved to end its legal fight in the country, settling the lawsuit for $60 million, obtaining the iPad trademark rights in the process.

Apple will allow customers to preorder their iPad via its Reserve and Pickup service from Thursday morning. Customers will be able to place an order but they must wait for a notification from Apple to confirm the order has been placed. This is a check that Apple performs to ensure that customers aren’t making multiple purchases.

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