Fantastical 1.3 brings Reminders support for iOS and iCal

Fantastical 1.3 brings Reminders support for iOS and iCal

I’m not a huge productivity app nut. I use a few key programs to keep my working life in order, and all of them have been chosen for their ability to do what they do and get out of my way.

Flexibit’s excellent Fantastical fits that bill crazy well with its natural language input — which converts regular sentences like ‘meet John for coffee tomorrow at 9’ into calendar appointments. It’s saved me an insane amount of time managing my calendar, something that I absolutely hate to do.

Today, Fantastical gets a nice update to version 1.3, bringing along support for Apple’s Reminders in iCal and iOS. This allows you to set up a reminder that syncs automatically to your iCal calendars and the iOS Reminders app. Eventually, it will end up sending those reminders to the official app within Mountain Lion.

I’ll be honest, I don’t use Reminders all that much because I hate having to enter them manually. Either Siri inputs them for me from my iPhone or I don’t use them. Now, I have a whole new excuse to plug in some reminders because I can just shoot off a ‘remind me to do x at y’ to Fantastical and it gets done.

There have also been a few bug fixes and tweaks, including the fact that editing or deleting an event with invitees now sends an update notice to the invitees in Outlook.

If you hate iCal or even calendar management in general, do yourself a favor and check Fantastical out, it’s bound to change how you work in a good way.

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