Fresh report links Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant with pilot production of new Apple TV

Fresh report links Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant with pilot production of new Apple TV

Previously distancing itself from rumours that it was gearing up for Apple’s new television sets, a new report has linked Taiwanese device maker Foxconn with new orders to begin trial production of the product.

Chinese news portal Sina (via First Financial Daily) states that Foxconn’s Fuji Kang Longhua plant in Shenzhen has begun pilot production, although additional details were not shared with the publication.

Apple has long been linked with the release of new television sets but reports of its production have been limited to a handful of technology analysts and ‘leaks’ from supply chain insiders.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou was recently misquoted as saying that his company was preparing to manufacture the new Apple product and that it had yet to start production.

However, in a written statement to The Next Web, Foxconn said that Gou had “neither [confirmed] nor [speculated] about Foxconn’s involvement in the production of any product,” adding that it is company policy “not to comment on any customers or their products.”

The company later attempted to clear up reports by noting that it would be ready to assist Apple, should it be required to do so.

If today’s report is true, Foxconn’s assistance has been required — although we cannot confirm this is the case.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently shared a note stating that “Apple TV products will be released in December this year, on sale early next year,” predicting a price of between $1500 – $2000 for a 42-inch and 55-inch model.

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