The wait is finally over: Spotify finally launches its new iPad app

The wait is finally over: Spotify finally launches its new iPad app

After months of waiting, popular music streaming service Spotify is finally coming to the iPad, launching today on the App Store with Retina graphics, a unique tablet-centric design and AirPlay integration.

If you, like many others, believed that Spotify would simply re-skin its iPhone application, you would be wrong (although Spotify does a great job of trolling viewers of its promotional video — embedded below).

The new iPad app has been developed to include with full support for Apple’s latest iPad and its Retina display, taking full advantage of its big screen with its new full-screen ‘Now Playing’ view that allows you to scroll between tracks and artists to change the song.

Searching for playlists, users and music can all be done from the same view, also providing you (like in the desktop app) with an easy way to see what’s hot and find trending playlists and songs that your friends have either shared or listened to.

Spotify has also introduce grouped messaging, gapless playback and crossfade, as well as AirPlay integration, which will output any of your chosen tracks on a device that supports Apple’s proprietary technology.

As with all of Spotify’s mobile apps, you will need a Premium account to take advantage of the new iPad app. However, if you are new to the service or you haven’t yet tried out what the paid accounts can do, you can always sign up for a free trial.


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