More than half of all US households own an Apple product

More than half of all US households own an Apple product

Apple has hit the tipping point: 51% of all households in the United States own an Apple product. That means, according to CNBC’s polling information, some 55 million American homes own an iOS device, or a Mac computer.

Of course, as products have a physical and software-based lifecycle, this gives Apple a simply massive ‘reach’ into the American home, and the wallet of the American consumer; if you were worried about Apple’s ability to keep up its massive sales figures, these numbers may allay your concerns.

The average US household owns some 1.6 Apple devices. Here’s the chart showing off the results of the survey:

CNBC’s post went on to detail a few other facts that will not surprise you: Apple customers tend to be educated and younger. Also, the more money you make, the more likely you are to own Apple products. Alert the media, right? Hardly.

We highlight this information not simply to confirm your suspicions, but to make the case that Apple is now as mainstream as can be; it creates products for the majority, and not the minority. Hipsters back to PCs in five, four, you get the picture.

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